Things to Look for When Buying Roof Shingles

Your first line of defense from foreign elements at home is your roofing replacement. This is the part of the house that keeps off rain water from the house, the foundation, windows and the siding. Thus the materials and the design of the roof are crucial. One of the most popular types of roof is the asphalt shingles. It is widely available and affordable. There are different types of shingles and there are several factors that you may consider.

Roof Warranty

Manufacturers will give warranty for your roof. A warranty will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting value for money. Although the durability of the material may determine how long the warranty is, it’s important that you consider the warranty before you pay for the shingles.

The Color of the Roof

Besides the appearance of the roof in terms of the color, you may also need to consider the color effects on your attic temperature. If you want a cooler attic, go for lighter colors and for a warmer one, go for dark colors. There are colors such as grey, green, white, brown, red, blue and black. Ensure they complement the theme of your house and home at large.

Consider Your Budget

As much as you want high-quality shingles, you need to know how much you are willing to spend on your roof. The first step is to know the approximate square footage of the area you want repaired or the entire roof. This is best done by a professional roofer for the accurate square footage. It’s from this that you can estimate the amount of money needed for the project.


Do not forget to put the style of your home and the shingles into consideration. You could opt for metal shingles, stone-coated steel systems or even asphalt shingles among others. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to this.

Consider the Durability

You definitely do not want a roof replacement every five years. This is not a cheap investment you are making. As you buy your shingles, research on the longevity of each type you are considering buying. Do not be confused by the appearance of the shingles. Some may look good but when it comes to durability, they are not the best.

When deciding on the longevity, it’s not all about replacing the roof sooner, but also the climate of where the home is located. Is the home in an area that experiences severe weather conditions such as frequent tornadoes? If this is the case, go for shingles that can grapple with such conditions.

The appearance of your roof affects the overall appearance of your home that’s why you should pay more attention when selecting your shingles. From the materials, the longevity, the cost to the style, every aspect is essential. It’s also crucial that you find out if there are new building codes in your area. Just ensure the roof not only protects your home, but it also remains stylish.